Thursday, August 12, 2010

Light-Up Shoes: Stripper Chic or Fashion Innovation?

So there seems to be a bit of a trend with lights in fashion recently; from Katy Perry's Costume Institute Gala gown to the new - grown up's version - of those flashing kid's sneakers... Light up heels.

I'm not necessarily a fan of shoving lights in fashion pieces just for the sake of it, but these pumps by Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte are ah-mayzing. My main problem with light-up clothing is its uselessness and the whole idea of just shoving lights in fabrics 'because we can'. Aesthetics are important too!

The illuminated heels of these Rodarte beauties actually serves a purpose; it enhances the unique fabric and lights up the otherwise understated texture of the heel. The light doesn't look strange either; it brings the whole look together evoking a sort of exotic chandelier-meets-silk kind of feeling. It's basically a sumptuous French Chateau's ceiling on each foot.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

Whereas the Jimmy Choo 'Zap' below looks like it belongs in a Las Vegas strip club. I don't mean to hate on Jimmy Choo, but honestly a see through heel with stripper-pink lights doesn't exactly scream class, does it?

The 'Zap' has something like one hundred hours of light then it runs out of power and can't be 'recharged'. For USD $2,495 you'd think they would include extra batteries!

Jimmy Choo 'Zap' booties

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