Monday, January 10, 2011

Androgyny is in... Again.

It would seem androgyny is making a comeback in the fashion industry, but this time the designers have brought out the big guns. The Daily Beast describes Andrej Pejic as having Cindy Crawford's bone structure, and Kate Moss' body. Yet, this gorgeous model is actually a 19-year-old Serbian boy. Pejic is the new face of Marc Jacobs, and I think he's going to have an ah-mayzing next few seasons - after all this androgynous beauty can do both menswear and womenswear. Versatile much?

Pejic follows in the footsteps of a transgender model with equally razor sharp cheek bones, Lea T. Lea was Riccardo Tisci’s assistant at Givenchy, and was shot for the label's F/W campaign. We've all seen Givenchy's Haute Couture collection pics (second below), Lea is the pretty model in white lace. 

Here's a video to introduce you to model extraordinaire Andrej Pejic:

Images via the Daily Beast, Givenchy and Styleite.

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